Neck Pain/ Shoulder Stiffness

Recognizing that the neck and shoulder region are so close anatomically, the rise of pain in the region is no accident. The intense nature of what we do both professionally and personally can cause pain in both the neck and shoulder at the same time. Think about it, we sit in front of a computer screen 8-10 hours/day. We talk on the phone; we exercise and then think about the daily stresses life has to offer us. Generally the muscles of the neck and shoulders tend to tighten and cause pain all at the same time. The analogy of the chicken and the egg comes to mind. Did the shoulder pain start first, or was it the neck pain? There are many nerves that exit from the neck to supply the head, shoulders and arms. There are 8 nerves on either side of the neck that supply the region. These nerves help us distinguish between sharp and dull stimuli, vibration, hot and cold as well as pressure. The nerves also provide instruction to the arms and shoulders to move. If by some luck, these nerves become irritated or pinched, their function becomes challenged, this can alter our sensations and make movement more difficult. Therefore, pinching a nerve that come from the neck can impact our activities of daily living where shoulder, arm and hand movement is needed. Looking at it another way, if the shoulder becomes injured from a fall, the neck can be affected too. Think of the rotator cuff, it’s a series of 4 muscles that help stabilize and control arm movement. When of the rotator cuff muscles become injured, the surrounding muscles of the neck, namely the upper trapezius and other neck muscles are relied upon to protect the shoulder. Therefore, over time, the neck muscles can become fatigued and succumb to injury too. Usually there are coordinated efforts from the brain to help the surrounding muscles in the region assist in “bracing” the area to prevent further injury. This can ultimately create a scenario that never stops and leads to chronic injury in the neck and shoulder region. What can also occur as a result of injury is we will alter the way we do things to avoid the pain. This can create injuries in other muscles in the region. This becomes another negative feedback loop that leads to a never-ending story of neck and shoulder pain. This generally can lead to a domino effect which impacts the soft tissues of the neck and shoulder. This is why working with a chiropractor, because treatment of both the neck and shoulder at the same time can sometimes result in a breaking of the “vicious cycle”. It’s always a great idea to have a Chiropractor take a look at both regions to make sure that both the “chicken” and “egg” are examined to prevent further injury and focus on resolving the problem. Stiffness can result from tension and/or muscle strain, and commonly affects regions near the neck, including the shoulder, jaw, head and upper arms. The term "stiff" neck is often used to describe the pain that results when moving your neck, especially from side-to-side. Dr. Bassel effectively works to relieve your pain by freeing trapped nerves and easing stiff joints.

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel can cause pain, as well as tingling and numbness in your hand, and stems from the buildup of pressure on the median nerve in your wrist. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including incorrectly typing on a computer keyboard, as well as pregnancy.


Arthritis can cause symptoms of inflammation, pain, and stiffness. There are over 100 different types of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Dr. Bassel will design a specific action plan to address your pain.


Migraines can stop you in your tracks. They are not simple headaches, and can feel vice-like and it is coming to experience a squeezing sensation within the head. People impacted by migraines can occasionally experience sensitivity to light, noise and sound. After a careful examination at times a simple chiropractic adjustment can do wonders for migraine sufferers by diminishing the severity of symptoms.


Scoliosis is typically described as an abnormal curve within the spine, and can impact people of all ages, from young children to older adults. Scoliosis can sometimes lead to an unbalanced posture as well as back pain. Dr. Bassel will screen his patients for abnormal curves and provide an appropriate treatment plan to deal with occasional aches and pains that come with Scoliosis.

Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain: Address the problem and the pain will slowly go away. When low back pain strikes we usually think we just got a hit with a new injury. Every day events like doing the laundry, shaving, coughing or sneezing are part of our lives. So can it be different this time? But why then was coughing, shaving, or doing the laundry, so different this time? These are things we do every day. Very rarely is a new bout of low back pain caused by a specific injury or trauma. Accidents or trauma in many cases is usually quite trivial. It is easy for us to confuse pain as a signal for something that is physically altered each time. More often than not the underlying problem is a joint sprain. This usually refers to a ligament that has been damaged by way of micro traumas over time. In some cases it occurs as a result of an acute event, like a car accident or a slip and fall. Over time a ligament can stretch and result in displacement of the joints and vertebrae. Nerve fibers in the region can become irritated. Within a short period of time (a few days or weeks) the nature of injury improves and in most cases the body heals on its own. The question that begs asking is, “has the problem disappeared?” Usually the answer is, “not really.” In most instances, the ligaments, when injured, goes through several phases. The Repair phase involves scar tissue formation. Scar tissue rarely has the same integrity as original healthy tissue. Scar tissue is typically less elastic and places the joints with which it attaches to, vulnerable to re-injury. This will also have a bearing on normal spinal movement. Generally visiting a Chiropractor makes sense in these cases as a proper examination of the spine along with a complete history can help in diagnosing and treating a specific spinal problem. Chiropractors will use skills like palpation, orthopedic, neurological tests and X-rays to aid in reaching a diagnosis. Following an examination, the overall analysis helps direct specific care plans. Chiropractors will usually help gently to re-position vertebrae that have been impacted by a joint sprain or misalignment. Postural control exercises and ergonomic advice are other meaningful tools that a Chiropractor can use to assist in correcting spinal misalignment. When the spine is prevented from moving naturally, premature degradation of the spine can occur. This will also contribute to early onset of arthritic changes in the spine. The purpose behind a spinal adjustment is to help promote more symmetric movement in the spine. Based upon this phenomenon simple tasks like sneezing, lifting laundry or picking up a piece of paper following a prior injury, can lead to a future flare up. Chiropractors instruct their patients on proper bending and lifting techniques to minimize this from occurring in the future. Correcting postural imbalances, increasing symmetrical movement and strengthening the spine are simple technique that may prevent a cycle of pain that is often difficult to break. Visiting a Chiropractor may be a great way to ease the pain.

Disc Degeneration

Discs or Intervertebral Discs are the structures that separate the bones of the spine, or vertebrae. They are the spine's "shock absorbers". Disc Degeneration can lead to a variety of pain symptoms throughout the body. These symptoms often worsen with movements such as bending, reaching, sitting or twisting. A degenerated disc in the neck can result in associated neck or arm pain, while a similar situation in the lower back can result in pain in the back or down your leg. Dr. Bassel will often recommend X-rays or MRIs to better understand the nature of degeneration and provide patients with meaningful treatment options.


Occasionally a bulging, degenerated or ruptured disc can cause inflammation of the sciatic nerve and cause pain, numbness, or tingling throughout the lower back and lower extremities. Dr. Bassel will often evaluate these symptoms and recommend the use of spinal adjustments and rehabilitative exercises to reduce the pain and return the patient to normal activities of daily living.


Fibromyalgia is describes as common episodes of generalized muscular pain, Often patients suffering with Fibromyalgia describe feeling stiff with tender points of pain referred to as " trigger points". These trigger points can lead to frustration, disturbed sleep patterns, and heightened levels of fatigue. Dr. Bassel will review these symptoms with the patient and work to provide a targeted strategy to combat the pain.


There is so much temptation to consume high calorie and high fat foods in our society. Large portions make matters even worse. Most often Dr. Bassel provides his patients with a free diet and nutritional counseling session to determine if there a missing nutrients from one's diet. Proper nutrition provides the body with the necessary fuel to keep things working efficiently. Patients lacking proper nutrients, will feel fatigue, lack of energy and often hungry. Dr. Bassel helps give patients nutritional facts needed to build a healthier lifestyle.

Muscle Tension

During stressful moments in our lives, it is quite common for us to experience muscular tension or a tightening of our muscles, Physical or emotional stress can cause flare-ups of back and generalized pain. Dr. Bassel will determine through his examination what the root cause of the tension is and look to reduce the pain by assisting the body ease itself back into place, remove the pain and discomfort.

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