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"In this day and age, it is important that service providers, especially Doctors, provide comprehensive consultation, and thoroughly and patiently explain things to patients. Jamie does exactly that, and to boot, he adds a great personal touch. furthermore, Jamie provides excellent results - I have gone to Jamie with shoulder, neck and back issues, and cannot tell you how much better I felt following his treatments. Jamie is a master of his trade - I would use him again and again without reservation."

Yaron Y.

"Jamie Bassel and I have known each other for many years. Since we met, our practices and our families have grown considerably. Dr. Bassel combines his clinical acumen, his caring attitude, and his professional approach in a way that is both unique and rare in this time in medicine. He co-founded the New York Physicians Network with us and welcomes healthcare professionals with an unparalleled kindness. His contributions to advance research with Prader-Willi syndrome and the Genetic Diseases Foundation inspire me Those who have had the pleasure of knowing him are very fortunate."

Dr. Armin T.

"Jamie is the one of the only Chiropractors I know who takes his time to really care for you. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He is also a kind and understanding person- which is hard to find in medicine overall. Its my pleasure to reccomend him as a great doctor who I can also call my great friend."

Dr. John B.

"I was really impressed with Dr. Bassel's knowledge, kindness and professionalism. He has helped me immeasurably and I am so grateful. He is an outstanding doctor and I recommend him to all my personal training clients."

Clay B

"Dr. Bassel is a great chiropractor. I first went to him when I was interning during a summer in New York City. I was so satisfied with his services that I continued to go to him during my last year of law school and commuted to his office from New Jersey. All my problem areas (back, shoulder, and neck) felt better while under his care and the exercises he prescribed helped me feel stronger overall. He is also quite personable and gets to know his patients very well. I highly recommend Dr. Bassel as a chiropractor."

Mercedes V

"Dr. Bassel is amazing. I was in NYC on business. My home is Pittsburgh, PA. Unfortunately, I started having serious issues with my leg and even lost the ability to walk... correctly. Being a non-local, I used Yelp to help me find a back specialist/chiropractor..­. Thinking it was a nerve related item. So, I picked this place. His reviews were solid. But the real testimony is my experience with him. He spent an hour with me discussing and diagnosing the issue. Knowing that I may not be a repeat client... He still treated me as if I was his best customer. He sent me to get an MRI before doing anything to me... Just to be sure he spent the right time treating the right cause. Low and behold... He even called me that evening at 8:00pm just to tell me that they had found 3 herniated discs. He did this because he knew I was concerned and he truly cared and wanted to put my mind at ease (possibility was a tumor in my spine). I have been to many many doctors and Dr. Bassel is at the top of my list of favorite docs. True professional. He even brought in another doctor, Dr Mendelsohn to confirm and validate his thoughts on the best treatment. He too was incredible and highly recommended. Look o further... This is the place if you truly want to be treated with respect and understanding. Again, I cannot express enough gratitude for this organization and practice."

David K

"Jaime Bassel is a fantastic chiropractor! Make an appointment now! I first met Dr. Bassel in 2010. I had been sick with pretty nasty cough that ultimately resulted in me pulling my serratus anterior. Never heard of it? I hadn't either. The serratus attaches to your upper ribs and wraps around to your shoulder blade. Since I had pulled this muscle, every time I had to cough or just inhale for a deep breathe, I experienced severe stabbing pain in my chest. It was terrible. It was also forcing me to slouch over to try and keep the muscle from extending. It took a few weeks of treatments because the injury was pretty deep and stubborn, but Dr. Bassel set me straight, quite literally! Recently, I unfortunately reinjured myself in the same place and in quite the same way - a lingering chest cold with too much intense coughing! I called Dr. Bassel as soon as I felt the pain and he saw me right away. He realized that something more might be going on and sent me for xrays. He was right, this time I had also fractured a rib. I am a marathon runner and workout almost daily. Having an injury that prevents me from training is incredibly frustrating but Dr. Bassel has been wonderful. He has helped me feel better fast and he totally understands my frustration at not being as active as I would like to be when I'm hurt. Dr. Bassel is a great chiropractor. He is smart, experienced, professional and friendly. As an added bonus, the office location is only a few short blocks from my office and the office hours fit my schedule. I think there are three "early" days and two "late" days each week for people that need to go before or after work."

Dana C.

"Dr. Bassel is phenomenal. I went to him when my back pain flared up. He was able to relieve some of the pain, but it got better over the next few days. He also gave me some tips and exercises to help avoid the pain and to help feel better, if it did come back. I have been to Dr. Bassel 3 or 4 times over the last 3 years, and I always receive his undivided attention and excellent service."

Alden L.

"Dr. Jamie Bassel has been a godsend to me. Two years ago my hand went numb and I went to see a doctor about it. Long story short, I was referred to 3 different neurologists and neurosurgeons, diagnosed with an entrapped ulnar nerve, and they were all in agreement that the only remedy was to have surgery on my elbow, to relocate the nerve, and that it wouldn't even be a cure, it would just prevent it from getting worse. I told then "thanks but no thanks" and found Jamie Bassel. He assessed my condition and we agreed that he would give it a shot. Well.......... it took about 2 months but my arm and hand got better and I left treatment just about completely cured! We knew it could recur, I began to get minor symptoms again a few weeks ago. Three more treatments, nipped it in the bud, and I am better again! I will always be grateful for Dr. Bassel's incredible skills, knowledge and compassion. He is also a really great guy and I will recommend him to anyone who is looking for a really good chiropractor!"

Lynn O.

"Jamie Bassel is an amazing Chiropractor, not only because of his skills as a doctor but also because of the compassion that he has for his work and his patients. He is truly concerned with his patients well being. Once there you are made to feel welcomed by everyone. I feel very lucky to have been referred to him and will continue to go back."

Doreen C.

"Jamie Bassel is a miracle worker. He fixed me up when I was broken down from a serious fall. Easy going and caring, I highly recommend his practice."

Geo S.

"He is a talented and dedicated doctor who listens to patients. You won't be disappointed"

Jacqueline K.

"When you come to Doctor Bassel's office you feel truly taken care of. He takes the time to get to know the whole you to get a full picture of a person, and not just a patient. I came to Dr. Bassel with multiple issues, and he skillfully and sensitively continues to deal with them all. He's also broken through my tendencies to tense up and resist adjustments. With Dr. Bassell I "surrender" and benefit from his skill and care. You can't do better!"

Jarret H

Dr. Bassel and his staff are always friendly and professional. The Doctor was able to solve my ski accident related back pain after just two visits! You can look forward to great conversations with Dr. Bassel while being adjusted.

Chiropractor adjusting patient

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